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by Todd Knutson

Motivational...periodI received a link to a You Tube video in a blog post the other morning. While I rarely watch videos at work, something in this caught my eye and I did. That evening my 14-year old son, who's playing in a soccer tournament this weekend, mentioned that his team was pretty good, but were definitely going to lose this weekend. Off to You Tube we went. Soon he was watching this short video. It's often hard to get a lot of words out of a teenage boy, and this was no exception. However, I could tell this made as much of an impact on him as it did on me.

This following was written by Todd Miechiels (click here to view the original post):

More times than I like to admit, I limit myself with glass ceilings and false beliefs about what I am capable of doing. It bleeds over into my professional life as a marketer, both strategically, and from an execution point of view. When I think of myself, I'm never at my best. When I focus on the success of others and look up, is when I'm humbled and pleasantly surprised with what can be accomplished.This clip from the movie Facing the Giants, is a great example and reminder of what we can accomplish when we put our trust in others who want what's best for us. It's also a great lesson that often times the thing that is holding us back is a false belief.

Whether you are an executive or a coordinator, ask yourself, "What are the false beliefs that are holding us back as individuals and organizationally?" What's the "death crawl" that your team needs to suffer through to emerge victorious and stronger as a company and as a person?



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