Telepresence for Ad Agency New Business

Closer agency - client relationships
by Todd Knutson

ciscoI recently saw Cisco's new Telepresence system in action. My first thought was, "Wow, this is an amazing client retention and communication tool."

My second thought was that it should be a boon for ad agency organic business development. And my third thought was, it's probably very expensive...but could well be worth the investment.

A few ideas for how it might help your agency grow:

  • Easy daily visual interaction with your clients at the account level
  • Potential for much more frequent senior-level, face-to-face interaction
  • Faster visual collaboration between creative, account and client teams

From a new business perspective, I imagine a tool like this could easily enable you to ask your clients to invite the managers of other brands, divisions, etc. to online meetings, giving you a first crack at building face-to-face relationships, before competing agencies have managed to get in the door. In other words, a way to jump-start organic growth with your current clients.

I'm curious if this is a tool that your agency is using? If so, does it work this way for you?


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