For Ad Agency New Business Success, Start with Your Prospect List

For most ad agencies, successful proactive new business begins with identifying a group of likely clients
by Todd Knutson

To get started, first identity the size of your funnel. The next step is to build your prospect list - the types of companies and corporate marketers who are most likely to hire your ad agency.

The process typically starts with identifying the following criteria: industries, company size, geography, and titles. Answer these questions and you’ll be on your way:

  • Industries: What industries do we currently serve? What knowledge do we have from them that we can leverage with related industries? Which industries?
  • Company size: What size company is in our sweet-spot? Specify a revenue range.
  • Geography: How far away do we want our clients to be, where we are confident we can work effectively with them?
  • Titles: What are the titles of the influencers and decision-makers who hire us?
By answering these questions you’ll narrow your audience to prospective clients it makes sense to approach.

Once you have this information, you’ll need to subscribe to a reliable data resource for marketing decision makers.

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