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Know Your Outreach Numbers to Win Ad Agency New Business »

Key to daily objectives
Published on April 25, 2012

client referralReaching out to prospects you don't know - whether through cold calling, referrals, or networking - is a numbers game. Once you know your numbers, you can plan your weekly outreach so you meet your new business objectives.

Here's what I mean: A sales trainer I'm familiar with does the following every day:

  • Calls 15 companies he's never called before.
  • Has a conversation with 7 of them (approximately 50%).
  • Out of the 7, gets a meeting with 1  - 15% conversion from conversation to appointment (1/7); and, 3% conversion from unknown company to meeting (1/30).

If he does this every day, he knows he'll set, on average, 1 meeting every day, for a total of 5 new meetings every week. He'll also have at least 3 second or third meetings per week - carryovers from meetings in prior weeks. Of the 8 meetings each week, he expects to close one sale per week. Over the course of the year, he'll close 50 new accounts. 

While his business is more transactional than a typical ad agency's, there are two key takeaways:

  1. He knows how many calls to make every day.
  2. He plans his daily schedule to give himself time to meet his daily objectives.

What's your approach?

Many new business people shy away from cold calls. From my experience, they only work for those who aren't afraid of them. If you don't like making cold calls or don't believe in them, try another approach.

Let's say that you prefer to network with friends and colleagues, and people you meet at conferences; or, that you only pursue new business if it's from a client referral. It's still a numbers game. I recommend that you analyze the funnel that led to a few of your recent new client wins to determine:

  • How many total people did you reach out to initially?
  • How many good conversations resulted?
  • How many meetings did you set?
  • How many proposals did you issue that resulted in your wins?

Once you know your numbers, you'll be able to do the math to determine your daily targets: how many people you need to network with, or how many clients you need to approach for referrals in order to reach your new client targets.

Have I explained this well? If not, please email me - I'll be happy to walk you through your numbers so you can set daily targets that will make you successful.


New Business Prospecting Without the Cocktail Umbrella »

It takes hard work
Published on July 21, 2010

drink with umbrellaMany of us start feeling sluggish during the heat of the Summer. Prospecting for new business can feel pretty unappealing, and as the clock moves towards 5:00 pm, it's pretty easy to start thinking about taking a swim or sipping a well-chilled cocktail (perhaps one with an umbrella).

Unfortunately, working less on ad agency new business will not yield more new clients. Nor will it get help you become a more effective new business person.

As Malcom Gladwell discusses in Outliers:

...the people at the very top don't work just harder or even much harder than everyone else. They work much, much harder.

He cites numerous examples of what it takes to rise to the top of your profession. Here are a few:

  • 10,000 hours to be a great musician, chess or hockey player (and I would argue just about anything else).
  • Working night and day to build a business.
  • Having parents who lead by example and set the expectation for you to work hard and not settle for mediocrity.
  • Being born during a group of years that position you take advantage of technological breakthroughs.

We are lucky today: there are opportunities to excel all around us. In your new business life, it takes hard work - and time. If you put in the hours, continually educate yourself, experiment, and keep striving for higher levels of performance, you'll achieve your goals.

So, resist the little cocktail umbrella, at least today. Instead, do a little more research, make a few more calls. Add a few more hours towards the 10,000 you need to become a new business expert.


36 “No"s Can Still Make a Right for Ad Agency New Business »

Consultative selling at its best
Published on June 17, 2010

prospectorI was told a story a few month ago about a salesman and his son. They're not involved with ad agency new business, but their story and the lessons learned are 100% applicable to a successful hunter.

Howard Weisnberg is a master salesman of the old school - he believes sales is a numbers game. His approach is simple: make as many calls as possible while offering solutions in a consultative way to creatively get to the buyers' needs and budget. He often surprises his customers with packages and prices they never thought of. His deals range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars; on average he sells $50,000-$80,000 per month. His profit margin is the highest in the company's history.

Both of Howard's sons are gifted salesman. Last year his son, Adam, took a job selling B2B training courses that average about $1,500 each. At his company, all new hires are given "proving leads". Each of these leads has already been called 30-40 times by past new hires.

Adam closed three deals in his first week.

Okay, let's consider what's going on here:

  • You have a talented father who passed on his skills to his son.
  • You have a company that knows there is value in "old, dead leads" and recognizes that good sales people will find it.
  • You have a son who is clearly able to find a buyer's need where others were not.

New Business lessons:

  • Does your agency have a group of prospects that you consistently work over the long-term?
  • Do you abandon efforts after the first rejection?
  • Are you consistently working to improve your sales skills - to practice identifying needs and establishing value?

As Guy Kawasaki (former Apples exec and founder and managing director of Garage Technology Ventures) said in a NYT interview some months ago:

Success in business comes from a willingness to grind it out...



Brian Goodall on Getting Your Ad Agency Noticed »

> 50% is falling in love
Published on June 15, 2010

brian goodall

Ad agency search consultant Brian Goodall, of Jones Lundin Beals, keeps it simple when he talks about how to get your agency noticed by corporate marketers. In fact, he boils it down to a couple of bullet points.


  • Marketers have to fall in love with you. Cause this to happen and you're more than 50% of the way to a win. Most call this "chemistry". You influence it by how you act, the people you bring to meetings, how each person interacts with the marketing team, as well as all the little things that take place from the marketer's first contact with your agency right up until they award you their business.
  • New business = Show business. You have to present well and dazzle your audience. It's really simple, he says: "leave your boring presenters at home."
  • The Big Idea trumps everything. It's a requirement to get far in a review. But, it's not sufficient: a big idea and lousy chemistry doesn't equal a win.

The question that so many small and mid-size agencies (i.e. those with less than 100 employees) have is this: We're a regional agency trying be national. How do we do it?

Brian's response:

There's no substitute for doing work that gets noticed...and...if they don't come to you, go to them.

He mentioned three regional agencies that do a great job of getting noticed in a crowded market:

  1. The Via Group (Portland, ME). In 2008 they held a "salon series" in NYC, to which they attracted Fortune 100 CMOs, and the media.
  2. Lindsay, Stone & Briggs (Madison, WI). For the last 20 years they've held a "Brandworks University", most recently last month.
  3. Erwin-Penland Advertising (Greenville, SC). They hold a conference for movers and shakers. [Note: I wasn't able to confirm if this is an ongoing event, or something that EP held in the past.]

These three agencies are very successful at these initiatives, he feels, in large part because they make it all about the clients and not about themselves.

If you're a regional agency it may take extra effort to put yourself on the map, but as we all know, some pretty well-known shops have done it from such places as Miami, Austin, Richmond, and Portland (OR).


Client Perspective: How Your Agency Should Engage With the CMO »

Insider tips
Published on May 20, 2010

cmoHow valuable is it to hear directly from three CMOs to learn how they like to be contacted, what you need to know about them before you do, how to pitch, and how smart you need to be about their business? If that's of interest, read on.

The current and former CMOs of Wyndam Hotels, Capital One Retail Marketing, and Cablevision sat down at the recent New Business Conference to discuss ad agency new business. They spoke candidly about how to prospect them. Their insights are similar to those expressed by the CMOs of large and small companies alike.

Here's what they said, written from the perspective of the CMO:

What you need to know about me:

  • Understand my business.
  • Understand my industry.

How to interact with me:

  • Have an idea about how to apply your expertise to my business.
  • Share your insights on my business. Tell me how we're doing. If you think we're doing something wrong, tell me so (respectfully).
  • Listen to me as we get to know one another. Respect me. Demonstrate that you were listening.

What you need to recognize about big companies:

  • I'm trying to stay one step ahead of other executives on the senior management team. How can you help me be smarter?
  • I'm the only voice of marketing on the team.
  • The board of directors is interested in ROI. Know how you're going to drive sales.

How to succeed working with big companies:

  • Educate procurement. Many procurement groups want to reduce the cost of agencies. The more educated they are about agencies, the better decisions they'll make.
  • When there are product groups in a company, make sure you're talking to both marketing and the product group(s).

What to remember when you're going to pitch me and my team:

  • Demonstrate results.
  • Show your emotion and passion.
  • Remember: the agency needs to be smarter than the client - that's why we're hiring you.

The best way to get on my radar:

  • Get referred in by someone I know; or,
  • Have something to say that's really relevant to my business.

This is great stuff. Hope you can put it to good use.


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New Business Prospecticide »

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The words you use and the way you use them say a lot about you and your agency
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